My Story


Who is Andy McFarland?


It all started with a little book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” After I read that book, I purchased my first property in 2002 and learned real estate renovation the hard way.

On my first deal, I bought the property with a loan from a close friend and after months of trial and error, doing most of the work myself, I pieced together a nice house and turned a hefty profit. I was hooked. Since then, I have refined my processes and executed hundreds of real estate transactions including wholesales, retail flips, rental properties, and hard money loans.

I was born an entrepreneur. As a child, I sold hand drawn pictures of Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi to his friends and neighbors. Then I turned a tax-free profit on Blow Pops I had bought at the store and sold out of my fanny pack on the school bus. But, what I really hang my hat on is, as an 11-year-old boy, I came up with the idea of subletting my paper route.

I am now a successful real estate investor, coach, educator, and speaker. I love the thrill of a deal, but what really excites me is the ability to educate, influence and empower others. I love sharing any knowledge, tools and resources I have to help and encourage someone else. I am motivated by reading books about personal development, real estate, marketing, time management, etc. and am especially inspired by talking with people from all backgrounds and learning their stories of success. I am excited to share those stories with you!

I was born in Fort Benning, Georgia, but also lived in Germany, Virginia, Kansas and New York before landing in Utah, where I currently reside with my wife and three kids.