Roy – Part 2: The “Mold House” Renovation

Ever heard the phrase ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? This was absolutely the case with a house in Roy Andy acquired that was full of mold. Can Andy transform this disaster into a profit?

Part 1 showed the dreadful condition of the mold house after a nearby pond leaked water and mud into the basement. The seller had to flee his home because of the dangers of the mold and for several years he let the house sit, not knowing what to do with it, until he met a wholesaler named Tyler Bond. You won’t believe the price that Tyler was able to negotiate for the property! Even though Andy paid a low price for the home, wholesaler Tyler made a killing.

In Part II Andy runs into some major complications with an inexperienced property manager who has challenges communicating with her subcontractor. She ends up taking much longer than expected and spends way more than the original budget. What can Andy do to salvage the situation? Will this project that started with so much promise end up being a bust?

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